Welcome to CATCH Superstars

At CATCH, we are proud to call you a team member and we aim to create an environment in which you can grow to your full potential, develop your talents, exercise creativity and thrive.

Superstars is a Volunteer Development Programme created by CATCH and Engage which empowers volunteers of all ages to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and experiences to set them on a path to becoming a leader of the future.

How it works

By successfully completing tasks, training courses and volunteering your time, you will quickly find yourself progressing through the star badge ranks unlocking a range of incentives and awards. Can you reach the highest level of responsibility and recognition - a double gold star Team Leader?

Along the way you will develop skills and attributes that will serve you well throughout your lifetime and open doors to new opportunities.

How do I sign up?

You need to be signed up to the Superstars programme by the Volunteer Coordinator at CATCH.

Got questions?

Please direct any questions to superstars@catchleeds.co.uk.

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